We have created a space where both practitioners and clients can THRIVE…

For many, wellness has moved from “nice to have” to a “must-have,” therefore we have embraced the idea to create a Wellness Hub encompassing Health as a whole and offering a range of Alternative, Therapeutic, and Healthy options to enhance one’s wellbeing.

In designing the Hub, we were mindful of including expert Wellness Professionals who are able to provide the best care for their clients and their families in a professional & nurturing environment whilst enjoying flexibility.

THRIVE offers long-term wellbeing that is holistic and realistic to both Clients and Wellness Professionals alike.



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Wellness with a Difference

Owner and founder Jenny Pereira, is a natural wellness enthusiast. She is passionate about providing a platform where natural products, information and alternative services are easily available to anyone taking their wellbeing and lifestyle to the next level.

“There is simply not enough awareness around NATURAL WELLNESS. It is time that the lid is blown off the phenomenal benefits of an alternative lifestyle. The dream is to afford everyone the opportunity to make an informed decision about the natural path that best suits them and their families.”

At THRIVE, we look forward to seeing our tenants and clients benefit from the dedication and passion we pour into supporting them. Our focus is to help with preventative health so we can all enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Modalities Available

Bodytalk Session


Powerful & effective whole-healthcare system that significantly improves overall wellness. BodyTalk helps clients emotionally, mentally & physically. This is a non-invasive healing modality & is suitable for clients of all ages, including babies.

Life Coaching

Session & Online

Thrive Life Coaching creates the ideal platform where you are able to get advice, guidance, motivation & practical techniques in order to regain confidence, obtain clarity & learn how to unburden your mind & let go of the patterns that have been limiting you.

Access Bars


Access Bars is a powerful healing technique that helps to calm the mind and reduce stress & anxiety. Clients achieve a sense of peace, space & possibility. By addressing 32 points on the head, you begin to create the possibilities in your life you have been looking for.

A Unique Approach to Wellness

Live Your Best Life

THRIVE is proud to introduce this new concept in the Health and Wellness space.

We believe in connections – not only connecting our Clients to gifted health and wellness Practitioners, but also creating an upmarket, fully serviced space. We like to refer to it as a Hub where Health Practitioners are able to collaborate and design alternative modalities, to address certain Client issues and, at the same time, they are able to grow their businesses with flexible leasing packages to suit their unique needs.

A co-working space for Wellness Professionals that is client-focused…pretty AMAZING, right!

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