Fear: The Real Pandemic

FEAR and I are ‘old friends’. It has come to visit me a few times in my life. You may have noticed I wrote FEAR in capital letters. I did this so you understand which fear I’m referring to. I’m not referring to the fear one feels before a test or major business deal. No…I’m referring to FEAR, the one we face when we believe to be at the end of our road. THAT FEAR!

The last time I looked down that barrel was 7 years ago when I literally thought I was as good as dead. Traumatic divorce, crazy custody battle and not a cent to your name makes one look down the dark barrel of FEAR. But thankfully I had my faith that has always walked beside me and often carried me through some of the toughest times of my life. My FAITH, and yes, capital letters too, because this FAITH that opened the door as I dropped to my knees lead me to a completely new way of life, the life that I’m living today.

FEAR is definitely something we need to be aware of and catch before it begins to take over everything we have worked for. If we become complaisant and allow FEAR to override our thoughts, feelings & dreams then we truly are as good as dead. If we are more consumed with isolating ourselves instead of changing the way we live to take our power back then we ARE living in a FEAR PANDEMIC. What’s destroying livelihoods and killing people all over the world it not the virus itself but rather the FEAR of what that virus has been MADE to represent.

The idea of losing our income, living a life of isolation, losing our freedom and ability to dream big or dream at all, is holding us ALL hostage. FEAR is holding us hostage and what’s worse is we’re letting it.

I’m not saying that what we’re feeling isn’t real. It most certainly is, to every each one of us. What I’m saying is we need to come out of hiding. We need to step out of this box we have wrapped ourselves in from the very minute they told us that it was not safe to step outside our homes and we need to start building new lives for ourselves.

If our jobs no longer work for this new life we are living then what jobs do?

What careers do we need to be stepping into? What do we need to do to align ourselves to the new futures that lie before us?

If this virus attacks vulnerable and compromised immune systems and we fall under that category, then what do we need to do to no longer fall under that category? What lifestyle changes do we need to implement? What should we be investing in?

How can we best spend our money so we add value to our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing?

THESE are the questions we need to be asking ourselves!!! THIS is how we take our POWER back!

We all started by waiting for this to pass, then we all moved onto waiting for a cure and now what? Are we really all going to sit around and wait for a vaccine without even considering changing anything else? Really? So what will happen when we are faced with another virus, another unknown strain, are we all prepared to go through all of this, all over again? I most certainly am not.

7 years ago I took my power back and began a journey that helped me heal emotionally and mentally and now…well now FEAR has forced me to finally look at my physical wellness. I can no longer sit back and pray without actively participating in making a positive difference in my own life.

My FAITH has always guided & supported me but I have had to get up & BE the change I was needing! I will NOT allow FEAR to dictate how my life is going to be affected. I WILL DECIDE THAT!

This is MY life and therefore it is MY CHOICE!!



Written by Jenny Pereira

Owner and founder Jenny Pereira, is a natural wellness enthusiast. She is passionate about providing a platform where natural products, information and alternative services are easily available to anyone taking their wellbeing and lifestyle to the next level.

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