We Can’t Be in Hiding Forever

It was 3am and I still couldn’t sleep…

I lay awake wondering if everything was some weird dream I couldn’t wake up from. Perhaps I was dreaming of lying awake… Surely that made far more sense than what I perceived to be actual reality…

Because reality right now feels more like an actual bizarre nightmare…
Surely we’re not all quietly surrendering everything we have worked our entire lives for because of something most of us are still struggling to understand. We can’t seriously be considering accepting this ‘hostage’ situation to continue without a fight!

With absolutely no one being immune to the aftermath of lockdown I sit baffled as to how so many of us have surrounded to counting the days until it comes to an end (and I’m not referring to the virus).

Of course we’re scared. Naturally we’re concerned & treading with caution. But there’s a huge difference between treading with caution & following blindly to your own death.

I’ve seen a few warriors trying to guide & lead us to find our voices & expand our awareness & I look at them with humble gratitude because we need this motivation & persistence to shake us awake! They are encouraging us to take a stand even if we’re not sure of all the facts.

You see, all this time I’ve been trying to figure out who is right. Is it real or not? Is this a Covid-19 pandemic or simply a Fear induced pandemic? Should we be in isolation or not? Are we safe or aren’t we? Do we send our children to school or not? And then somehow, amidst all of this and trying to figure out if I was suffering from insomnia or insanity it hit me…! Facts… What are my facts?

I simply can’t be in hiding forever!

I hadn’t thought of it before until this very moment, but this all started off as self isolation to protect ourselves & our family from an external threat – #1 Threat started off as the Virus…

Then, social distancing – #1 Threat became other people…

Then, no social gatherings – #1 Threat became our Family & Friends

All leading up to economic suicide – #1 Threat became any dreams of ever becoming financially successful

Naturally affecting crime activity – #1 Threat became Safety

We’ve moved from fearing a virus to fearing absolutely everyone & everything including our very own instinct to survive.

Before Covid-19 came knocking, I had embarked on a journey that would bring to life I dream that I honestly never imagined would materialize in this lifetime. Once we went over 3 months of Lockdown I began to question this dream, question its feasibility & survival rate. But right now I’m telling you that THIS IS NOT THE TIME to allow fear created thoughts into your space. These thoughts only bring upon negative energies that do absolutely nothing to help us or promote what we’re dreaming of manifesting.

DREAM! LIVE! DARE to push through all this dread found in the trail left by this virus and PROVE your fear driven thoughts wrong!

We cannot continue to silently wait, paralyzed as everything & everyone we love is destroyed!

This does not have to be the end of anything, but it does need to be a new beginning and one based on the desire to overcome, achieve & embrace infinite abundance!

We can’t stay in hiding forever. It’s time we roll up our sleeves and fight for what’s ours, for what’s right & for what will secure the best future for us all, especially our children!

Written by Jenny Pereira

Owner and founder Jenny Pereira, is a natural wellness enthusiast. She is passionate about providing a platform where natural products, information and alternative services are easily available to anyone taking their wellbeing and lifestyle to the next level.

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