I would never be able to survive that

“I would never be able to survive that!” How many times have you said that?! Yet, our words are barely cold and we survive the unthinkable most days.

Looking back at my life, if anyone had to tell me 20 years ago that I would survive betrayal, deceit, infidelity, two failed marriages, two miscarriages, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, financial ruin, weight gain and four career changes before the age of 40… I would laugh so loudly that everyone in the room would immediately know I’m Mediterranean (It’s just how I laugh… lol) and I would naturally eventually say… “I would never be able to survive that!” – but you know what, I DID and I’m so incredibly happy I was given that path to shape my journey the way that it did.

Truth is, nothing in our lives happens by chance – every detail has a purpose – like the threads in a beautifully woven quilt, whether it reveals itself immediately or 20 years later, the fact remains that it will eventually all create an incredible pattern filled with depth and colour that will absolutely leave us breathless just by looking at it! It’s difficult to accept that everything happens for a reason or that everything is intended to happen in our lives exactly as it should, especially when it carries so much pain, but I truly believe this is the case.

About five years ago, as I began my journey into my second divorce, someone explained to me how they believed that each soul is shown the life they will live before they are given a body to live out that exact life, meaning that each and every one of us has actually watched the “movie of our lives” in detail (so, not the short, romantic “trailer” version) and actually CHOSE to live it anyway. I can’t explain the rage I felt! Really?! “So you mean to say I chose to live through all this pain?!” I exclaimed in complete disgust, for the mere thought that this could in any way be possible. Yet, here I sit today, utterly nestled in the understanding of this profound theory, and feeling truly blessed to be at a point in my life that I simply get it and more shockingly – I feel immense gratitude.

You know how it is believed that in order to know true happiness, one requires to feel deep sadness? Well, it is only in the absence of anything that we are able to appreciate its presence, and only in the true presence of anything are we able to appreciate its absence – so is life. I would have never understood a journey destined to find inner peace and healing had I not experience a journey filled with chaos and pain. How can I feel anything but gratitude for every person that has caused me pain in my life, for they have taught me to appreciate every single person that has come into my life thereafter, to show me love, light, friendship, and trust.

Today I am able to enjoy my own company, where before, I could be in a room full of people and still feel inconsolably lonely. I cannot begin to explain the freedom one experiences when you are able to make YOURSELF HAPPY. I know that may sound strange, but don’t most of us turn to things and people, especially partners, to MAKE US HAPPY? I know I did! For a VERY LONG TIME, I placed that responsibility on others. But today, TODAY I find happiness within me. Finding happiness within is the only way to truly experience happiness with anything or anyone else. Today I make it MY responsibility to ensure that I am following the whispers of MY soul so I can walk MY journey towards fulfilment.

This is why Thrive – It’s A Lifestyle is so incredibly important to me. It’s more than just a wellness hub, it’s a home. A home to everyone looking to find themselves and each other. A home to children looking for guidance, inspiration and healing. A home for women searching for their voice, their worth, and their why. It’s for men wanting to lead with compassion, nurturing, and understanding. For families looking for connection, excitement, and community. It’s for everyone wanting to grow, transform, and flourish. This wellness hub is a welcoming, loving and nurturing home, where we can learn to live our best lives, together.

For many years, I wasted time focused on my destination, and if the last few years have taught me anything, it’s that the journey itself IS the destination. I want to share my journey with everyone that walks through these front doors. I want my experiences to serve as inspiration and guidance to all those needing it. I want to invite wellness professionals with the same experiences and passion to help others to join me in helping make this world, OUR WORLD, a better place: one person, family, and community at a time.

It’s time we take the time and PAY ATTENTION to the little things; stop and literally smell the roses, take note of what is said to us and how we make people feel, and how they make us feel. Let’s really notice and remember – especially the good stuff – because our life is happening NOW, and if we’re not paying attention, it may pass us by without us even taking any notice.

So, as we continue to step into 2020, let’s dig up our goals and dreams, and let’s remember how WORTHY we are, how incredibly STRONG we are, and how we CAN actually survive ANYTHING thrown at us and truly THRIVE!

Remember, WE CHOSE THIS LIFE FOR A REASON, so let’s TRUST our judgment and REALLY make it count!

Written by Jenny Pereira

Owner and founder Jenny Pereira, is a natural wellness enthusiast. She is passionate about providing a platform where natural products, information and alternative services are easily available to anyone taking their wellbeing and lifestyle to the next level.

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